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 What was happening when you started watching?

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PostSubject: What was happening when you started watching?   Fri May 06, 2011 12:44 am

Okay so this thread is mostly for people who didn't start watching the series from the very start. My question is; what was happening at the manga & anime when you started watching?

One of my friends got me into watching Naruto(anime) for some reason and Naruto had just turned to his four-tails Kyuubi state and started fighting Orochimaru. I had no idea who those characters were and what was happening, but it was all fucking cool. And for some reason, when Sakura saw Naruto in four-tails mode some strange wave of emotion run through me too. That's when I decided to start watching from the start (not seriously though) but then when I had watched the first episode I thought "okay, this is quite fun anime actually, and it has some cool ninja music" then when I kept watching and watching it turned more funnier and interesting (I would say that I started to watch it seriously when the first Kakashi vs. Zabuza came).

Then when I had finally caught up to Shippuden episodes (Naruto and co. had just found Sasuke at Orochimaru's lair) I tried to wait for next episodes, but I was completely addicted to Naruto by then and I just had to know what was going to happen then and I started to read manga. I even asked my friends all kind of questions about what was going on etc. and I was simply shocked that my friend told me that Sasuke vs. Itachi had just ended and it seemed that Itachi died, and I was very interested of how Jiraya got killed by Akatsuki's leader "Pain", and how Jiraya solved his identity just before he died. Even when I started to read manga because I couldn't wait for what was going to happen, when I finally caught up to the latest manga chapter, again I couldn't wait for more. I remember when I was reading that chapter in which Sasuke attacks Orochimaru, I truly believed Sasuke would go back to Konoha, ahh the good memories and feelings.

If you started to read/watch from the start, feel free to tell how you got reading/watching it.
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What was happening when you started watching?
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