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 Marvel & DC Comics thread

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Marvel & DC Comics thread  Empty
PostSubject: Marvel & DC Comics thread    Marvel & DC Comics thread  Icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 3:11 am

I'm on a major comic binge lately. Here is a thread to talk about American comic book heroes and the ladies who love them. I'm mostly into old stuff myself but this thread can be for anything.

I'm going to lay out some proposed ground rules and lets see if everyone can stick to them. If you don't want to, there's nothing I can do, but at least I asked.

1) Don't hate.

Superheroes are lame? Sure. Make a thread for that. This is for people who think spandex is where it's at, bub. Manga is better? Sure, we got a whole forum for that.

2) Don't fight.

If you think Marvel sucks, this thread is not for that argument. There will definitely be someone who thinks DC sucks just as hard and it will turn into a big flamewar. You can prefer whatever you like, but so can the other dude. Try to respect what the other guy likes.

3) Don't spoil.

If you're talking about a major new event, please tag it as a spoiler. If you're talking about an older event, some level of detail is fine but try to keep the BIG REVEAL in spoiler tags even if you think everyone should have read it by now.

4) Don't move.

Actually I'm just trying to keep up a theme. I got nothing for this one. You can move if you want. Shake your money-maker.


So. I'm primarily a Marvel fan. I love the Silver Age. In other words, everything from 1960 to 1985 more or less. Somwhat more. Rarely less. I like to read collections of OLD comics. I'm mainly a fan of Spider-Man, X-Men, and some of the other core marvel heroes. There are quite a few I never read, such as Avengers, but I'm taking the opportunity to catch up with 'em right now.

I liked a few independant titles back in the day as well. Spawn was decent for the first 50 issues, as was Cerebus the Aardvark.

I've never been much of a fan of DC - I don't hate 'em I just never got into 'em. The Mighty Marvel Universe is enough reading material for one Titanic True Believer. I read a bunch of Batman starting with Knightfall though. I even picked up a short stack of graphic novels to fill me in on the backstory leading into all that stuff.

I read the Death of Superman graphic novel and... well, I don't think Superman stuff is for me. I like Smallville well enough, and the other TV series "Lois & Clark" that was on a few years ago, but the comics just didn't grab me.

So to summarize, I'm a Marvelite and I'm catching up on the Avengers right now. My greatest current interest is the earliest days of the Marvel Universe. There's just something about those old books. Cheesy? Unpolished? Hilarious science abuse? Check. Awesome? Always.
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Marvel & DC Comics thread
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