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 Marriage or Death

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PostSubject: Marriage or Death   Marriage or Death Icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 3:57 am

Title: Marriage or Death...

Author: DarkCharm

Genre: Drama, Romance, Surreal, Action, Comedy

Status: Ongoing

Ok... let's get started with part 1, and please comment and tell me if you like it so I can continue with my story. If you don't like it then I will just preset the first part of the story and keep the rest for myself. I might post the other parts as well but I will think about it.

Introduction: There is a city named "Hopeless" all the people in the city forgot how beautifull is to dream and just had to accept daily reality without complaining about it. However there was one girl in the city who had high hopes that things can get better in the city she currently lived in and had the desire to change that city in something better. One day she heard a voice telling her that he will help her wish to get granted, she didn't know who was talking to her but that voice asked her to continue communicate telepathically and tell him what is bothering her every-day. The voice she heard was the voice of a male, but she couldn't see him. The voice also asked her what she wishes for and promised her that the next day the things she desires will happen. How will her story end ? You guys wait and see.

Now let's get Started with Part 1: Part 1 - Introduction

Nasta, was an ordinary 16 years old high-school girl, she didn't have many friends at school and people who were getting in contact with her apparently liked her but she had no ideea how many people were jealous of her and how many people hated her without her knowing. She had problems with her teachers as well, she was a smart girl but she was getting into many arguments with her teachers. She was originally left-handed, ever since grade 1 she tempted to write with her left-hand and she was grabbing most of the things with her left-hand but she was forced by her parents to write with her right hand, cause they didn't want her to be outstanding and people to look at her in a weird way. She was talented at litereture subjects in school and at foreign languages but she sucked at sciences. With math she wasn't really good but if she was putting a bit of effort she managed to handle things in math. One day, while she was at school at the end of the last period she got her math test results back. She got a passable level for the test but she knew she was supposed to get a higher score. She come up to the math teacher and starts complaining about her score.

Nasta: Why did I only get a 64%, I am really understanding the concepts and I solved the problems right! I am not saying that I am really brilliant at math but I should've gotten at least an 80%. How comes other people are getting a higher grade than I am when they have less knowledge than I do.

Math Teacher: Well, dear Nasta, it seems that you are not really following the steps I am showing you while I am teaching, and even though you get the answers right, you are solving the problems by other methods then the ones I am teaching you. I understand that you used to live in another country before you came to "Hopeless" city, but since you live in Hopeless City you have to follow the rules in this city and you have to follow the teaching methods from schools in this city.

Nasta: Are you jealous, or what? Math knows no boundaries, Math is universal no matter what country you live in. As long as you get the answer right it doesn't matter which way you solve the problem. I suggest you look over my test again and give the THE ACTUAL GRADE I DESERVE.

Math Teacher: Be thankfull that you're passing. Some students actually failled this test, and if you're gonna keep harassing me about your test scaore I'll send you down to the office.

Nasta throws some cold eyes at the math teacher and leaves the class-room. The math teacher also perceives her as a threat.

Nasta goes back home, and when she enters the apartment block she was living in she finds her mom home cooking.

Nasta: "Hi mom, how are you?"

Mother: "Hello"

Nasta: "............"

Mother: "Did you get your math test result?"

Nasta: "Yes..."

Mother: "How did you do?"

Nasta: "Bad, I got a 64%"

Mother: "Shame on you, you won't get into any university with such low scores"

Nasta: "Grade 11 grades don't count, besides it's not my fault, the math teacher is such an a**hole he took off some of my points just cause I didn't solve the problems the way he taught me and cause I used the methods I knew from our country. This stuff they do here in Hopeless City at Math I know all this stuff from our country I was taught in grade 7 the things they are doing here in grade 11, yet why was my mark so low, mom?"

Mother: "I didn't see you study at all in math, I saw you took notes in class but I didn't see you doing your homework at all or even reviewing what your teacher taught you""

Nasta: "Mom, did I really need to review all that cr*p I already knew, or do that lame homework?I did couple of exercises and they were soo easy that it felt just a waste of time"

Mother: "You won't get far with this attitude"

Nasta: "Just leave me alone, I don't need you to lecture me. You are my mother, you should be supporting me, instead of agreeing with that ******* math teacher I got this year"

Nasta goes to her room and slams the door. She drops her school bag to the floor and lays down in the bed. Her mother quicly comes over to her room and yells at her:

"Nasta,don't slam the door, we live in a rented apartment, it's not our property. Moreover, don't ever show again to me this attitude of yours"

Nasta: "Shut the hell up mom. It seems like you don't understand me at all"

Nasta starts crying and her mother leaves the room.Two hours later she goes outside for a walk around her neighbourgh-hood to take some fresh air and she was thinking how depressing things started to be lately in her life ever since she moved to Hopeless city. After she is done with her walk Nasta goes back to her appartment and it was time for bed already.

Mother: "Good night, Nasta!"

Nasta: "Good night, Mom!"

Nasta turns the lights off and prepares to go sleep. When she was about to fall asleep she suddenly hears a male voice telling her:

"You are right, Nasta. Your math teacher is a total idiot"

Nasta turns the lights on and she sees nobody, then she turns them off again and she hears again the voice.

Male voice: "You can't see me, but you can hear me, there is no need to turn the lights on to see if there is somebody here, you can talk to me while you are thinking cause I can read your thoughts but don't tell anyone you are hearing me. First of all they won't believe it, second of all they will think you are crazy. Now tell me, Nasta, what is bothering you""

Nasta understood that she has to talk to that voice with her mind without speaking so she asked him:

"Who are you? How do you know my name?"

Male voice: "I can't reveal you my identity yet, I was just recently appointed to take care of you and protect you, so tell me... what is bothering you?"

Nasta: " Lot of things, ever since me and my mother moved to Hopeless city I dislike everything here, wished I could create a world according to my likings"

Male voice: " What about your father?"

Nasta: "My parents are divorced since I was 5 years old"

Male voice: "Sorry to hear that! is there any way I can help you? I was appointed to full-fill your wishes, so I'll grant any of your wishes, don't be afraid, say one wish and the next day will happen"

Nasta: "I don't know who you are, LEAVE ME ALONE! First of all how can I trust someone I don't even see!"

Male voice: "Ok, I'll leave you alone for now, but I'll keep watching over you, and I will come and talk again to you if I see something is still bothering you, and if you have any wish don't hesitate to ask me, cause I will grant your wish for sure"

Nasta: "Ok, bye... I don't think I will ever need your help but thanks anyways".

Nasta stops hearing the voice, then she falls asleep.

End of Part 1

Notice: -passable level grades in Hopeless city is 50%, 70% is just decent, and grades from 80% above are considered pretty good. 100% is the maximum.
-for the first part I considered that I shouldn't involve too many characters, more characters will be revealed later on in the series and the story will become even more interesting as it will progress.

Please comment and give me some oppinions. Tell me if you are curious on how it will continue. I will post part 2 when I will have more spare time, for now, BYE PEOPLE, see you.
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PostSubject: Re: Marriage or Death   Marriage or Death Icon_minitimeMon Oct 24, 2011 3:41 am

Like part1 hope part 2 comes quickly.

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PostSubject: Re: Marriage or Death   Marriage or Death Icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 6:46 am

Looks good to me Smile wheen is part 2
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PostSubject: Re: Marriage or Death   Marriage or Death Icon_minitime

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Marriage or Death
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