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 If you were a Shinigami what type of zanpakuto and way of fighting wud u like?

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PostSubject: If you were a Shinigami what type of zanpakuto and way of fighting wud u like?    Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:07 am

to give it a start

type: elemental kidou zanpakuto

fighting style: Zanjutsu + kidou

Unreleased state: Dōtanuki
a fully brown zanpakatou the sword itself is shinig gray/brown

shikai: furui daichi (ancient earth) (command:yabureme wakarewakareni (Tear apart))
the form of this zanpakuto will have an brown hilt with an earth enchanced gaurd the blade
itself will turn brown (the edge will be very dark nearly black), it has the normal size
of an zanpakuto.
shikai ability: attacks will leave small to big amounts of earth (depending the power) on hit.
special ability: gosunkugi daichi (spiked earth) the earth on youre foe or on the ground
will become hard like rock and spike through the flesh leaving small or big holes to give
maximum damage.

Bankai:kusari ofu daichi (Chain of the solid earth)
the zanpakuto will hilt will stay normal but turns brown/black, the gaurd will will become
solid earth around the wielders hand and spread to the shoulder leaving 1 arm totaly coverd
with earth. the blade lenght will decrease and add numerous chains witch can stretch to any size
wanted numbers can be also increased if wanted. (its possible to fight long and mid range now)
bankai ability: the shikai ability from Furui daichi is now a normal effect without decreasing youre reiatsu when leaving earth amrks, only adding the zanpakuto has chains on it will make it able to maximize the ability increasing the amount of earth
transferd on foe.
additional ability; (seichuu ofu sono daichi) (control of the earth) the user will be able to control the sand and is able to make a solid object of dense earth
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Jack Sparrow

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PostSubject: Re: If you were a Shinigami what type of zanpakuto and way of fighting wud u like?    Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:21 am

Zanpakuto type: Kidou-based Wind Element

Fighting Style: Hakuda (hand-to-hand) and Houhou (footwork); almost no use of Kidou spells and fencing w/o release

Zanpakuto’s Name/Shikai: Grace of Ares

- Form : Blade of Zanpakuto becomes lined with holes; black-and-red steel gauntlets form on arms, with chain connecting hilt with wielding arm.
- Powers : Wind laced with reiatsu can be used for long range attacks (either blunt or cutting), and rapid movement while standing on air; weak at close range offense due to wind-up time of offensive wind manipulation.

Bankai: Divine Wrath of Mars

- Form : Full black-and-red suit of demonic-looking Medieval armor; dual scimitars; and black gossamer wings.
- Powers : Increased power, speed and range in attacks; faster movement in air; cross-current wind manipulation possible

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If you were a Shinigami what type of zanpakuto and way of fighting wud u like?
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