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 One Piece: Chapter 643 Discussion

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One Piece: Chapter 643 Discussion Empty
PostSubject: One Piece: Chapter 643 Discussion   One Piece: Chapter 643 Discussion Icon_minitimeTue Oct 25, 2011 2:25 pm

Please be respectful; no bashing; put some thought into your post; report, do not respond; no chat speak; no spamming; no fighting; no flaming/flame baiting; keep things at PG-13; absolutely no porn/hentai links, images or downloads, ever; no advertising links; remember that this is a forum, not an instant messaging tool. Last but not least,

Discuss the latest chapter here. Until you wander off into discussing One Piece in general. As long as you follow the rules it's fine.

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One Piece: Chapter 643 Discussion
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