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 How to Submit and RPG

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PostSubject: How to Submit and RPG    How to Submit and RPG  Icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2011 12:00 am

When Requesting an RPG please follow these guidelines, it helps me look through things quickly and make sure you know what you're going to do and want to do it.

The RPG Request must be sent by PM, do NOT at any point send me to a website to read the information. The RPGs are for the forum, so they will be submitted on the FORUM.

Okay the Guidelines:

1. The Title of the PM must be labelled "RPG Request: TITLE OF RP"
2. If there are more than one PM, label them with Part A-Z (1-99)
3. The request must be labelled in these parts:

a. Title of RP
b. History of RP Story
C. Sample Character Sheet (Blank)
d. Sample Character(s) (just one sample will do)
e. Plot advancement ideas (2-3 ideas).

(Please use labels (titles, you don't need the a., b., etc.) if you don't I sometimes miss what you wanted. I read this quick, and I like being able to read them quick)

Keep in mind characters TRY to screw you up. It's the point of the game, to beat the game you're aiming for a good story and for keeping other people on their toes, to do that you aim to screw the "Game Master" "Games Operation Director" or even "Story Teller" up.

4. You must show interest in keeping it alive, we don't want everyone to fall under and RPs to die, nothing like a good RP dying out.

We will decline an RP if you don't follow these rules and put it in the Trash Can


How to Submit and RPG  Sasukesas_by_casualmisfit-d46qws6
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How to Submit and RPG
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