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 Hero Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Hero Chapter 1   Hero Chapter 1 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2011 1:45 am

Eh, I'm not an expert writer; I fear there might be a lot of errors in this chapter. Please, tell me if there are any. Thanks!



Even if it meant that I would die, I would still jump.

Better to die as a free man, than to live enslaved by the ones who have swallowed the chains of fate that ensnare me.
My death would be my first breath of life. A life of my own making.
Solely, my own.

These were the thoughts that raced through my mind, as I stood at the edge of the grassy cliff. The whirling wind blew viciously at me, ruffling the silky stands of my silvery hair. Large blades of grass swayed at my knees. I lifted my head upwards; my grey eyes stole a glance at the endless sky above. It consisted of angry, storm-grey clouds.
A storm is coming.

I scanned the area behind me, giving the thick forest nearby a quick, calculating look.
Good. This will delay my pursuers.
I turned back around to face the edge of the cliff in front of me. And to face my pressing decision. Across from the cliff was a great mountainous rock. A roaring waterfall gushed along it, pouring white, frothy water below onto a river flowing at dangerous currents. My eyes followed the cascading water.
It’s a long way down.

The river would surely swallow me. My body was weak, my bones were tired. Earlier, I had played a bit too much with the enemy. Could I survive such a jump?

But did it really matter, whether I survived?

As long as I would be free.

“There he is!!”

I whipped around at the sound of the voice, cursing myself for wearing such a dark, noticeable cloak. Shadows lurked near the trees.
One, two, three; three shinobi, four meters away. But they were quickly closing in the distance, sprinting towards me.

All of a sudden, the air between us was filled with a burst of black stars; a mass of deadly shuriken showered around me.


I unsheathed the thin sword strapped at my waist and with deafening clangs blocked each of the shuriken that came my way. My three pursuers, clad top to bottom in pure black, began to surround me, swiftly weaving hand signs.

A threesome technique?

Suddenly, the air around me began to blur with a faded purplish haze.

A barrier!

Sheathing my sword, I weaved my own seals and gathered chakra into my hands and arms as the purple air around me began to solidify. My arms and hands began to burn hot with the energy, and begun to glow a bluish white. I struck my hands upon the earth and strikes of lightning suddenly burst forth from my palms, traveling along the soil and shattering the barrier into pieces. Shards of faint purple dissipated within the air, as the lightening snaked towards each of the three shinobi's feet, stunning them.

At the sound of their shrill screams, I quickly stopped gathering energy and the lightning vanished as quickly as it had appeared. I looked to my enemy; each body was unconscious. A closer look told me they were still breathing. I gave a sigh of relief.

It’s still such a pain, to knock enemies out without killing them. However, the brawl had exhausted whatever strength I had left.

My ears twitched. I could hear muffled voices in the distance, deep within the forest. Reinforcements. I stepped once again towards the cliff. I looked down, taking a deep breath.

So, do I jump to my death?

Right then the great sky had rumbled; tiny droplets of cold rain began to fall towards the earth, tickling my face and hands.

Rain. How ironic.

Long ago it was rain that had defined the foundation of my enslaved life. Now it comes as well to define my death.
Muffled footsteps were drawing near.


I glanced cautiously behind me. Another group of shinobi gliding towards me. I was too tired to count. Too tired to fight. I faced the cliff yet again. I had to jump. But it was a long way down…


I inwardly screamed at my body to make it move; but fear kept it still.

This is my only path to freedom. The only way I’ll have an opportunity to truly live!!

And so I chose life. Under the pretext of death.
I jumped.

Does this story sound interesting, or...?

Ichigo UchiHa and Pervy Sage
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PostSubject: Re: Hero Chapter 1   Hero Chapter 1 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2011 3:48 am

I enjoy this Esparando and yes it was Interesting, great as always


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Hero Chapter 1
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