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 Mafia Story - CH 1

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PostSubject: Mafia Story - CH 1   Mafia Story - CH 1 Icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 4:33 am

Mafia of NB
Chapter 1: The Outsider

Author's Note: Almost a year since i stopped making FF and gotta admit I missed this job alot. "Mafia of NB" is a remake of my previous FF franchise. I dont want to go detail about it. My name back then was Petronum, so only the senior members might have read or seen my olden FFs. Also, from my observation over NB's recent FF, the style of using NB users as the character in the story is getting extinct. Because of that, I decided to come out again and revive again this type of FF. Enjoy Smile


The story occurs in a vice city called NB, where corruption and crimes have become a habit. The NB city is divided in various districts; each rule by a respective syndicate outlaws. The more you control, the more powerful you become; thats what they believes and of course ruling all the districts will make you a king in the city. You may start thinking, why aren't the police in the picture? MOD, thats what the Mafia call them. The Mod do exists in the city, but too bad they are just a weakling in the picture.

Setting: GodHelpUs Pizza

Location Insight:
- GodHelpUs Pizza, owned by Faust Salvatore is a pizza delivery corporation, located in the eastern part of NB city.
- Property of the Faustino Mafia Family

Narrator: The phone rings, Counters taking order as they talk through the phone, Crews busy making the pizza and packing them, Riders are sitting in the corner as they wait for new order. This has become a typical in the GodHelpUs Pizza shop, until someone, with a new fresh face enters.

???: -Enters and walks to the counter-

Counter: How can I help you, young man?

Young man: I need to see Mr.Salvatore. Your boss.

Counter: What is it about? You should make an appointment earlier, he don't entertain by those who walk-in.

Xen: My name is Xen. Maybe, your manager might know me.
Character Insight:
- Full name: Xen Cipriani
- Age: 20
Background info: Born in Italy, to unnamed parents who were rich and great supporters of the Faustino Family. Became an orphan, after both of his parents were killed by one of the Faustino's rival, PervySage Triads.

-Out of Sudden-

???: My boy! ... Man, The boss has been expecting you, Xen. Looks like you finally make up your mind. Call me, Escorp.
Character Insight:
- Full name: Escorpiius
- Age: 25
- Association: Faustino Family
- Position: Capo (Caporegime)
Background info: Have been serving the Faustino family for more than year. One of the wanted man in the city.

Xen: Its great to meet you, Sir Escorp. You must be one of Capo, right?

Escorp: Correcto. Now come with me boy, the Boss shall not wait any longer.

-Both of them board the Faustino MBW Car-

Setting: Pervy Corner
Location Insight:
- Located in the capital part of the city. A place opened for pervy people. Let's not get into detail.
- Property of the PervySage Triads

PervySage: Okay Hobos listen up. I got a job for you uglies and I shall reward you the weeds.

Character Insight:
- Full name: PervySage SugarDaddy
- Age: 40
- Association: PervySage Triads
- Position: Boss
Gang info: The Pervysage triads is one the rival of the Faustino Family. They choose the revenge (and girls) path instead of money and power. In addition, they used homeless Hobos as their puppet in order to gain advantage.
Background info: Born in Hongkong and grow up in the world of criminal, choose to be a pervy man and created his own gang to avenge the MOD for destroying his papa and his gang.

: Yeeess .. anithing ... as loonngg the weeed

PervySage: Close your fifthly mouth, ugly man. I want you all to, kidnap this gurl for me. Her photo really turns me on. :zise:

*continues* Her name is Tmala. She's located in the Eastern District and a "property" of the Faustino Family. Careful as you kidnap her. I might give you bonus for faster service. *Gives a photo and info*

Hobos2: Wootts ..she looks hot babeh.

PervySage: Take her away , not take her and run away. I will kill you, if you change the deal. Remember the weed is your life, House.

House: *groans* .. Fine. Weed precious more than girls... She's yours. I wont let you down Perv. *pulls out his magnum gun*

[INDENT]Character Insight:
- Full name: House -Insert family name-
- Age: Unknown
- Profession: Hobo
- Association: None sided
Background info: Born to be hobo, as he grow up along the street of NB. Beg for moneh, for food and Weedo, is what he do everyday. Live along the street. Unlike most of the dumb hobo, he is the most hottest, glamorous and smartest hobo in the street. He so called works for the Triad in order to get more boost.

-Hobos were dismissed to carry on their mission-

Setting: Faust Salvatore's office
[INDENT]Location Insight:
- Located at the Faustino Family HQ (Faust's mansion)

- Escorp and Xen enters the room -

Faust: *polishing his shoe* My brotho! I know you will join us! Come and take a seat.

Character Insight:
- Full name: Faust Salvatore
- Age: 40
- Association: Faustino Family
- Position: Boss
Gang info: One of the significant mafia family in the family. Faustino rule most of the eastern part of NB City and focuses more on Protection racket and Drugs.
Background info: Born in Italy as a son of the Boss of the Faustino Family. After death of the boss, he took over the family.

Xen: Boss. I will never forgive those scum who killed my parents. That's why Im here.

Faust: It's time for you to join us. You make the right decision, boy. Your late dad will be proud of you. But we gotta teach you the way of mafia. Theres alot to learn.

Xen: Alot? ... Shooting those scum is easy for me. I know kungfu. I can fight. I can even know how to bake pizza.

-Escorp smiles-

Faust: I like your enthusiasm kid. But your attitude can lead you to death, seriously i said. PervySage, the one who responsible for your dearest parent's death, is a genius old man. He is like a dragon full of vengeance. I lost my left hand and left eye because of him. Dont be too naive. Your parents, maybe you next will be his target. From now on, Escorp will teach you. He will be your mentors.


I hope you enjoy from reading this. Thank you for reading also ^^.

Sorry if its too boring. But its first chapter, got to focus more about the introduction. Please comment and rep! ^^ I will love to have more people to be part of the FF. Tell me if you interested and i might consider Wink

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Mafia Story - CH 1 Darkman_Vito_Joe_Henry_Mafia_2
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PostSubject: Re: Mafia Story - CH 1   Mafia Story - CH 1 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 3:25 am

Read the whole thing and it is great!


Mafia Story - CH 1 Sasukesas_by_casualmisfit-d46qws6
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Mafia Story - CH 1
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