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 Konan vs Itachi

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PostSubject: Konan vs Itachi   Tue May 03, 2011 3:46 am

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Who wins?

And just because I'm sick of people overestimating Itachi, here is my argument as to why Konan could fight on equal terms with him if not beat him:

1. In paper form all of Itachi's genjutsus are useless
2. Konan can spam weapons at him to keep him running and then use explosive tags on him/try suffocating him
3. Konan can just stay out of Susanoo's range and outlast him
4. Konan's paper is pretty durable, Jiraiya's katon (although it was a weak katon) burned off one layer of paper off that Rain fodder. If Itachi uses Amaterasu, she will be able to tank it long enough to make more paper and reform - there's no way Amaterasu is fast enough to burn Konan up completely before she can do this

This is just an attempt to stop Itachi fans coming in and immediately going Itachi stomps. :giogio

Personally I think Konan could win. What are your thoughts?
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Konan vs Itachi
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